• Closed-Loop drive controller for synchronous and asynchronous motors up to 800 KW with modular plug-able sensor systems.
  • Torque and Speed Control in rewinders and unwinders.
  • Compact servo drive with integrated or master position control.
  • Dynamic drive with analogue, digital, control pulse or serial control
  • Speed or angel-synchronous subsequent drive with electronic gearing, freely adjustable denominator / counter ratio.
  • Internal single-axis positioning steering with 16 positions, can be freely used for up to 8 position profiles with indexing.
  • Mini automation device – with internal PID process control, extensive input/output functions, can be used in 8 parameter sets.
  • Sensorless Closed Loop- describes the operation of synchronous motors without encoder feedback. Our control system provides STATE-OF-THE-ART characteristics for dynamic and efficient speed and torque adjustment and is suitable for standard high frequency servo drives, special machinery or closed loop direct drives.
  • Highly compact designed and optimized for use in single axis applications in machinery and equipment

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