We have our own propriety software MEC 2.0 which we develop on our own to do just the requirement and standards that we need. Develop since 2015 for version 1 and recently upgrade to version 2.0. The software key task are as follow:

  • Automate Hard Drive Sanitation (Multi-pass override)
  • Interrogates BIOS data with triage guidelines, to automate disposition
  • Independently verified for code integrity and output compliance
  • Complete wipe out with Compliance: DoD 5220.22-M, NIST 800-88, HIPAA, SOX
  • Logs and tracks all activities
  • Generate completion Reports

We are constant improving our software and we targeting to release version 3.0 somewhere next year anticipating new hard drive with larger capacity and more sophisticated firmware.

Currently, this software supported all OEM hard drive up to max capacity of 6TB each drive on each slot. As mentioned above, we are looking forward for the next release as it able to take on larger capacity of each drive.