Established in 1993, Mecba Technology (S) Pte Ltd specializes in providing consistent good quality products and services for the semi-con and electronic manufacturing industries. We have a strong team of experienced electrical and mechanical engineers to assist with solutions such as research, fabrication and after sales support. Our ability to recommend a good technical solution means lower cost and better-quality products for our customers.


From January 2010, we started our Data Solutions & Management Services under the same management of Mecbatec Technogy, providing local clients the support they need for hard drive replacement, data storage & backup services, after several years moving forward, the demand starting to grow and clients request coming from Asia region, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and China starts picking up. We now on average providing no less that several hundreds of hard drives replacement a month to the mentioned countries. With the knowledge, technical know-how and proper applied solution we believe we can venture to bigger spaces as the client base grows bigger.

We have 3 large warehouses in Singapore capable to provide sufficient space to store both of our current business and we have several smaller lab/storage setups in Asia region to provide more immediate onsite supply requirement for each countries demand. In Singapore, we have our own full and complete ESD Data Solutions work-space/lab to conduct our proper refurbishment activities and data support solutions. We understand clearly the requirement and best practice of handling electronic components that require ESD which we gave our clear assurance to all clients.